Our Story

Fort Worth Wedding Dress

Our story began when we went bridal gown shopping for our own weddings. We came to realize that shopping for a wedding dress was completely different than anything we had ever shopped for before! We didn't understand why we couldn't take home the dress we tried on in the salon. It fit, so why did we have to order one? What if it didn't arrive on time? How would we know it would fit the same? Every other item of clothing we purchased we took home the same day............. why not this? So we decided to change things in Fort Worth!

Blush is a boutique where a bride can "Come in, Try on and Take home "the one" today!" No more worries about the unknown. Unless.... you just can't decide and have to think about it but keep in mind - we only have one of each so once it's gone, its gone! (and yes, it has happened!)

We love being creative and above all, we LOVE getting to know you! You could call us stylist, friend, cheerleader, and possibly magicians. We get to know YOU, your wedding, and what you are looking for. Then we wrap that up into a beautiful gown! So what are you waiting for???