How to choose a bridal salon

When you start gown shopping, it can be overwhelming with so many choices of where to shop! The right salon for you should fit your gown style, personality and budget! Do a little research before you make any appointments and make sure each salon that you visit is a good fit for you. Nothing can put a damper on your gown shopping day than booking an appt that doesnt fit your style! Here are some things to find out about each salon prior to scheduling your appointment!

What is the price range of the gowns?
What designers do they carry? (are these the ones you are interested in?)
What sizes does the salon carry for trying on?
How long will your appointment be?
If you are close on your wedding date, do they sell Off the Rack?
What is their cancellation policy? (most salons are charging these days)

Many websites will have all of this information so it shouldn’t be too hard to find (or it will be included in their confirmation email/text).

Happy Shopping!