Trains: How long will you go?

Every bride dreams of the long walk down the aisle and the pictures of her train behind her. Even if you don’t end up with a long train, you know you’ve thought about this at least once! A train is a great way to create a dramatic statement and also something that definitely demands pictures! Some things you might consider when gown shopping are the length of the train, where you are getting married, will you have an attendant to bustle your gown and does they style of gown you are considering lend for a long train?

There are several types or lengths of trains. We will touch on just a few. However please keep in mind that the length of a train on someone that is 6′ tall is slightly different on someone that is 5’4″.

Floor Length – no train
Sweep Train – extends approximately 12-18″ from the hem
Chapel Train – extends 24-36″ from the hem
Cathedral Train – extends 36-48″ from the hem
Royal Train – extends 6-8′ from the hem of the train

Watteau – A train that falls from the shoulders also recently referred to as a cape

No matter the formality of your wedding, make sure that the length of train will work logistically for the type of gown and venue where the fete is to be held!