What to bring to a bridal appointment?

Most brides are a first time shopper and have no clue what to bring to a bridal appointment.To be honest, it depends on the salon as to what you will need. Some stores will offer you a longline bra and petticoat to put on with each gown. This can mean a few things. Either their gowns are not built well enough to already have these items built in OR they are trying to sell you something before they sell you something. Just our opinion.

Other stores will tell you that you will need the undergarments that you will be wearing on your wedding day and your shoes. While that is all fine and well, we’re not sure how you will already know what to wear till you know what your gown will look like. Again, just our opinion.

The rest of the stores will know their product, how to clip you and guide you as to what items you may or may not need. Many alterations specialist will be able to add in any cups your might need and most gowns have a petticoat built in.

Now, about the other stuff. You will be undressing in front of your consultant. Lets be respectful of each other and at the very least, please wear undies. (most salons will not allow you to try on gowns without them). Shoes are not that critical at this point, most salons will have pedestals to mimic heel height and you will be more stable getting in and out of gowns barefoot.

Other than that, bring an open mind, lots of pictures and the people that mean the most to you but not ALL of the people. Have you ever tried to choose a restaurant with 5 opinions? Do you really want that stress when choosing your gown? Yeah, we didn’t think so!

Happy Shopping!