Alterations. They cost how much???????

You’ve found the perfect gown! It’s beautiful! You are either going to order it or take it home that day, but it needs a few things done. You ask your consultant how much she thinks alterations will be and she says she can’t say. Now you’re scared! Don’t worry! This is completely normal.

You see, only the person doing the alterations can answer that question and only when they actually see you IN YOUR GOWN. It’s kinda like auto repairs. Until the mechanic sees your car to find out exactly what needs to be done, he can’t quote you a price. Also, each tailor or alterations expert charges something different for their work/art/specialty. So if you want three different quotes, you and your gown are going to be making some trips together.

Some typical alterations that can be expected are as follows:
Tightening up the top (on the sides or in the bust area) (no one is the measurements of the size charts, ever)
Tightening at the waist/hips
Bustle (yes, you need a bustle, you are not holding your train all night)

Beyond that, it is dependent on the type of dress. Please keep in mind that the misconception that a corset back means less alterations is untrue. It may feel tighter “today” but it doesn’t fix the bust line and if your friend isn’t OCD, she may not lace you up straight and that will be in all of your pictures, forever. Just food for thought.

Always use someone that was recommended. Do not just pick someone that says they alter gowns. Friend/vendor referrals are the best.

Allow 8-10 weeks for alterations. Some tailors may be able to do it faster but you want to be sure you aren’t rushing them or unable to use who you want to because you waited too long.

Don’t be afraid of alterations, your gown will be in almost every wedding photo, so you need to make it picture perfect! 🙂