How to determine if a gown is a Yes, Maybe or No

During a bridal appointment, you need to be completely honest with yourself and listen to your inner voice (not the ones sitting on the sofa). Here are some general questions to ask yourself about each gown!

Do you like it? (haha)
When you put the gown on, what do you see? (Make this decision in the big mirror, not the small dressing room)
How do you feel?
Who is wearing who? Are you wearing the gown or is the gown wearing you?
What do you like? What don’t you like? Can it be altered or does it make it a no?
Can you see yourself walking down the aisle in this gown?
Would you change anything about it?
If you were to leave it, would you compare everything to it?
Why are you not saying yes right this minute? Let’s go celebrate!!!!

Be sure to express what you are feeling/thinking to your consultant. That one little thing you say can lead you to The One!