Bridal Gown Terminology

If you have followed our Instagram story, we have touched over some of these terms but we thought we would put them all in one place for your reference (they are also listed on our Highlights in Insta)

Silhouette: The shape of the gown mostly defined by the shape of the skirt.
Neckline: The top of the gown that defines your upper body, front, back, neck and shoulders.
Bodice: The middle part of the gown that shapes and defines your body.
Waistline: How/ where a gown hits you in relation to your actual waist.
Hem: The bottom of the gown that breezes over the floor after alterations.
Train: The longer part of the skirt in the back.
Bustle: How the train is pulled up during the reception.

We did not touch on the actual names of the shapes of gowns here because there is so much grey area about when one starts and stops that it really needs to be a visual discussion and will also be affected by each brides shape as well. For more detail on this, we do try our best to describe them in our next post! However, please know that one designer will call a dress one thing (mermaid) and another will call it something else (trumpet) so don’t get boxed in by someone else’s choice of words. Try the gowns on, see what it does for YOU!