How much should I budget for a bridal gown?

Ah! The age old question! How much should I spend on a wedding gown? Unfortunately, that decision varies for each bride. It is best to have a good overall budget for the entire wardrobe and then know that if you spend more in one area you have to spend less in another than having a “set” budget.

A few questions that you might want to have answers for before beginning the search are listed below!

How much do I have budgeted for the entire wedding?
How much am I willing to spend on a dress? (usually 3-5% of the overall budget)
Am I paying for the gown? If not, who is? Will you need to consider their opinion when choosing a gown?
What accessories will I want to wear? Are these included in the budget or above and beyond that?
What about alterations? In the budget or above it?
Am I willing to try on dresses above my budget and if so, am I willing to pay for it? (if not, stay in your budget!)
Will I be willing to change something else in my budget if I do find a more expensive gown?

When searching for a bridal salon to visit, make sure that they have gowns within your budget. You don’t want to make an appt and realize the gowns are the price of your entire wedding!