How do you handle alterations?

We are so glad you asked! We do not handle alterations. Girl, we can’t even cut a straight line!

However, we do have a wonderful list of alteration people that we will give you when you get your receipt! Many of them we have worked with over 5+ years and our brides love them!

Why don’t we do them in house you ask? Well, the main reason is so that YOU have a choice in the matter. We want you to choose whom you are comfortable with, who has the best schedule, who is closest to you and we never want you to feel like you HAD to use someone. We hear stories all the time about girls that “felt like” they had to use the person at the store. You will never feel that with us. Sometimes people are worried “what if something goes wrong”. Trust us, we vetted these people so that we don’t have to worry about that! We love you but once you leave, we don’t want to have to worry about you! You will be fine.

No matter where you buy your gown, the national average for BRIDAL alterations is between $4-500. You need to be prepared for this no matter where you go or where you buy your gown. Buying a gown off the floor isnt going to make alterations any more or less expensive. They still have to work on the gown and they dont charge by the amount of fabric they have to take in or let out, they charge for the fact that they had to do work so it’s all going to be about the same. Most people need a hem, all people need a bustle, and its all going to end up costing about the same so just plan on it and be happy if its less!

Have more questions? Shoot us a message! Happy to help!