Do you buy/rent gowns?

We often take calls asking if we purchase gowns. At this time, we do not buy direct from the public. We only obtain our gowns direct from designers or other stores to guarantee that our gowns have not been altered or worn down the aisle. We know that many of you are looking for a way to resell your gown and we get it! It’s just not what we do!

You might try one of these websites: , ,

We have also been asked if we rent gowns. We do not. To be honest, we don’t know anyone that does or even how that would work. We have seen some of our gowns come back for preservation and you can tell a good time was had by all. Can you imagine trying to clean that to be super perfect for the next bride? Yeah, we don’t need that stress! So no, we don’t rent gowns either.

It’s going to sound like we don’t do a lot but here are a few other things we don’t do: bridesmaids, mothers gowns and shoes. It just doesn’t fit into our shop right now. Maybe someday, just not today.