Necklines and what they can do for you!

Many times we refer to a gown by the shape of the gown but the neckline also plays a major role in the design and how it looks on a bride. Styles change over the years but at the base of all fashion are some simple designs.

Bateau/Sabrina aka the Jackie O: Open from shoulder to shoulder following the collarbone. Great for coverage but not lookin completely covered!

Halter: Sleeveless neckline that wraps around the neck. Usually will have a deep v. Very good for brides with shoulders they want to minimize or show off.

High neck: It can be called a Queen Anne collar, mandarin or resemble a turtleneck made from any type of fabric. Usually reserved for a more modest bride or a very tailored look. Great for making a statement or if you tend to turn red when you are nervous!

Jewel: Similar to the High neck but does not have fabric above seam at the neck.

Off the shoulder: This neckline is similar to a strapless or a sweetheart with wafts of fabric that rest on the arms for decor but they do not provide any support for the gown. Please note that this neckline may restrict movement.

Strapless. Well, we all know what this one looks like however it can have differences in name like sweetheart, modified sweetheart, straight and crumb catcher.

Now matter which neckline you choose, or even if its not one that we named, make sure that it reflects your style and personality.