Quick Tips for Bridal Gown Shopping

One of the most enjoyable experiences during the wedding planning process for the bride can be her wedding gown shopping experience. With a few guidelines, the bride can ensure that this adventure is not only enjoyable for her but also truly in her best interest.

Have a plan! Knowing what your budget is and sticking to it is one of the most important things to adhere to when shopping for your bridal gown. Only try on gowns within your budget (and timeframe) and do not let your friends or the “salesman” bridal consultant lure you into trying on gowns well beyond your means. It will only cause stress and heartache for all involved if you fall in love with a gown outside your budget as you will compare every other gown to it!

Don’t keep secrets from your consultant! If there’s another gown you love, let your consultant know so that she can show you similar styles. If there are going to be any changes in your life that would impact your gown choice, let her know. If you and someone in your party’s taste differ and your need her to fight for you, let her know! 

Leave the entourage at home! Groups of friends are great for support, parties and bridesmaids but please, leave them at home for this decision. Take only 2-3 people with you that you trust and are the “decision makers”. We’ve all heard the saying “Too many chiefs, not enough Indians”, when you bring a large party gown shopping, they can muddle your vision and sometimes (shocker!) they don’t have your best interest in mind because secretly, they are shopping for themselves!

Once you find a gown, stop! It’s just like finding the guy. No, you haven’t met EVERY boy in the world but you decided this is the one. It’s the same with gowns! There is no need to go to Every. Single. Bridal. Salon. Once you get that feeling, make the decision! If you want to spread out the shopping experience, make separate appointments for accessories, bridesmaids and flower girls.

And finally, keep an open mind! Just because you’ve fallen in love with a picture in a magazine, it does not mean that is the gown for you! The ad was created for you to fall in love with it, photoshop and all. Find a common trend of styles/textures that you like and let your consultant guide you the rest of the way.