Why buying Off the Rack is good for the Soul

Many people have a misconception about the bridal world in general. Most times, they do not understand how vastly different from regular shopping it is and more importantly, why it should be! We get it, you don’t want to be hounded by a sales person and you can do this on your own just fine. That’s great! Lets be honest though, you can’t.

Walking into a room of 100 ivory gowns, you can not in a moments glance, discern mermaid from drop waist from ballgown from A-line from sheath and don’t even get us started in necklines. You also haven’t seen all of these styles on a body and know how the fall, what the accent, what they don’t. We can. Let us help you!

Another misconception is that you can just walk into a bridal store and take your dress home with you. At a regular bridal salon, some you can but most of them, you have to wait 6-8 months to receive! Who has time for that? I want to get my portraits done in the Spring! I want to get married in 6 months! I don’t want to worry if it will come in, in time!

Here comes the …. reason buying Off the Rack is good for the soul. You know what you are getting, how it will fit, exactly what it looks like and you do not have to wait, at all. Take the gown home, know it’s safe, skip paying shipping on it and everyone wins! How amazing is that! The ONLY down side to Off the Rack is if you hesitate, even one day, that gown can be gone, never to return again.

But WHY!!! Well, depending on the gown it could be a discontinued style, a one of a kind (literally, only one of them was ever made) or the gown was part of a collection that is no longer available. SO, when you go shopping in an Off the Rack situation, make quick decisions or another bride might just make that decision for you (and yes, we have seen it happen).