Where do you get your gowns?

We often get asked where we get our gowns from. We completely understand! We have designer gowns for a fraction of what the other boutiques are charging for them and we would be curious too (but we already know!)

Our gowns come from a few different places so we wanted to line out the different places for you!

Brand new from the designer. Whaaattt! Yup! Brand new from the designer! Sometimes gowns get discontinued from a designers collection. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong with it! So we swoop in and take those gowns for our brides! What was last seasons hot ticket is now your #designeronadime Gold Mine find of the day!

One of a Kind! Most people ask what this really means. It really means One of a Kind. (look at us with all the jokes). Sometimes a designer might design a gown, and its super pretty and they really love it but they can only choose a few to be put in the line and this one gown wasn’t chosen. It still needs to find its bride. That bride might be you! So we snatch that baby up and bring it in just for you to try on. Now, lets be honest, most of these are going to be about a size 6 because it was a Runway gown (or would have been) so these super special works of art and going to be on the smaller side of things.

Store Samples Oh No! Does that mean they damaged? Girl please, you think we want to deal with that drama? No! They may have lived the first part of their life in another store and maybe they weren’t the popular kid on the block so they changed stores to hang out with our other gowns (that are much more friendly than those other gowns btw). That’s all. No major damage or drama here. Just savings for you (and most still have tags on them and everything!)

So that’s where our gowns come from. You will always be the only one to wear it down the aisle. It will not have been altered, which means you don’t have to worry if it can even be altered again for you. It will be just exactly what you try on and forever yours.