Who to bring to your bridal appointment

Above all, make sure that whomever you choose to come with you to your appointment will be supportive of your decision, style and budget. They are supposed to be your biggest cheerleader and in tune with what you want. Many times, brides will get caught up inviting everyone to their appointment because it can be so exciting yet lose sight of making sure she is only bringing the people she really needs to be there for her.

Do not bring anyone that is negative, unsupportive or might have their own agenda. Don’t bring anyone that normally upsets you or pushes your buttons. Don’t bring someone that will take control of your appointment. Although they may mean well, your bridal consultant should always be in charge of the appointment, not a friend/guest.

Do bring the person paying for the gown, your most supportive friends and family members. This should be a joyous moment for you! Surround yourself with the people that are happy for you! Everyone will have their own opinion about gowns in general, but on this day, they should only have opinions that help you choose your gown!

In our earlier post we asked you if you had ever tried to pick a restaurant with 5 other people on vacation. You know how stressful that is! Why would you want to bring that into your bridal appointment? Everyone should be on team you!